electronic snooping

You may download the Cryptographic programs on this page freely by clicking the Links above! Share them with your friends and start exchanging safe, secure communications.

These programs do NOT install or make changes to your computer ~ they do NOT contain spyware, or malware, NOR do they make or accept internet connections whatsoever ~ they're perfectly safe to use both off AND online!

These programs contain ONLY html viewing software which display simple internal web 'pages' that contain javascript code to you.

enigma-b.png (119569 bytes)

Nothing gets installed or altered on your computer at all so its' safe to check the box in the windows box about no signatures safely!

base64-b.png (86104 bytes)  bows-b.png (90777 bytes)

reverser-b.png (69920 bytes)  aes-b.png (80859 bytes)

vigenere-b.png (125405 bytes)  messageencryptor-b.png (87851 bytes)

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