Perl implementation of
the "One Time Pad" method
. **
(101) Crypt::Skipjack
(102) Crypt::OTP
(104) Crypt::Misty1
(105) Crypt::Shark
(106) Crypt::GOST
(107) Crypt::
(108) Crypt::Khazad
Enter a Text Number Encryption

** Make sure your Key pass phrase works properly with this Encryption technique before you send encrypted strings of text to your friends. Some cryptographic systems are fussy about the structure of pass phrases, the number of characters, and some are not so fussy.

Enter that Same Passkey here:

** Once you've tested your encrypted string, and you're able to decrypt it correctly with your Key pass phrase, then your friends won't be disappointed when you send them messages for Their Eyes Only. Encryption is easy, fun, and very important to use nowadays!


** The 'One Time Pad' technique utilizes a giant text file on your hard drive, jump drive, or SDcard comprised of totally random text. Without the text file, Decryption is Impossible! This example uses a form value instead of a text file however, so it risks interception during the encryption-decryption processes.
So be a good Spy ~ use safe computers!

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